The Rozhanovce Battle

June 15th 1312

Ugrian kingdom was divided among the ruling families (after the extinction of the Arpad house) during the fights for Ugrian throne. At that time we can see Charles Robert de Anjou ( son of the Andrew III sister - last of the Arpad house) to come up to the scene, because of his support from pope. Most of the today's Slovak Republic is ruled by Mathias Czak of Trenczin, the east of country was ruled by oligarch Omodej and son's from Abov house.

On April 1312 king Charles Robert de Anjou came to the eastern Slovakia to strengthen his position and helped city of Košice which at that time was in conflict with the Omodej clan. The king has strengthen the garrison in Košice and surrounded the Šariš castle. After unsuccessful siege and after the news about the reinforcement  from Mathias Czak side, the king Charles Robert heads north and Omodej´s forces surrounds Košice.

The king Charles Robert turned back to help the town of Košice, but terrain around the town was bad for battle. The king's forces avoid the Omodej´s army and turn towards the Rozhanovce village. The Torysa river is very slow and shallow and king can deploy his battle plan and use the heavy cavalry force assault better. But in time the Omodej´s troops captured the better stand on the root of the small hill near the river. King had no choice but to deploy his troupes in to the valley.

 First charge between the forces was very strong and devastating. Chroniclers wrote about the most terrible battle from time of the battle near Sajo river. Omodej hoped to win the battle with first charge and his forces direct the main attack into the center of the king's forces where the king was situated. A lot of the king's guards died and even the flag holder was killed. At time the knights from Johanites order (before Hospitaliers - Knights of Malta order today) came riding from side of  the king's position and they defend him with theirs own bodies. Later on the leaders of the Omodej´s were killed and Košice townsmen came to help the king. At the end the king Charles Robert fought the battle under the Johanites flag and won.

The Rozhanovce Battle visualized by the illustrator of the "Viennese Pictorial Chronicle" from 14th century.

Templars: some of the chronicles wrote, that there were a lot of former knights Templars in the group of Johanites who defend the king with their own bodies, because after the disestablishment of their order, they enter in to the order of knight Johanites. This order was very close to them even this two orders act as a rivals before.