Havran Hill (raven hill)

Reconstruction of castle.


A the basement of the tower the is a entry into 11m long passage at 65 degree angle into the rock. Probably unfinished escape tunnel or maybe a hideout.


Stone artefakt found at the castle area 


On the south side under the castle close to the tower outside of the fortification is located deep unexplored shaft. We believe it was a attempt of creating a well. It has a square cut and is carved into rock. Until now was cleaned into 6.5 m depth.


Shaft near castle


Templar monastery located above St. Mara was located on crown of the Havran hill (monastery) on the place of prehistoric castle. It was build at 1197. According to the legend it is connected by the underground tunnel with Liptov Starhradom (old castle) located via air line some 6.5 km. After cancellation of the order it was managed by Cistercian monks (local stream was named after them). In 13 century after big fire they build new castle. It has a security and communication function at the foreland of Liptov castle.


Partially reconstructed castle today


Space of the acropolis was extended by fill on easy accessible south side the dig up deep ditch which has separated the castle from the plain which has significantly improved the defence of the place.



Section plan of the castle

Also near south east side of hill is huge nature pan with local name "Rybníky" - fish pond. By the geophysical research was proven that the pan was blocked by artificially created fill. We can assume that there was a attempt to create a artificial pond which is dated into medieval age which was filled up with existing spring.

View from castle (in the valley you can see channel connecting Liptovskú Maru and Bešeňovú)