Likava castle is situated north of Ruzomberok on the foot of the mount Choc. Written record from 1312 listed, that the warden of this castle called Radmir/Ratmyr was the last prior of Templars before canceling of the order.

Nowadays we can see ruins of the castle from 13th century. The oldest part was upper gothic castle rebuilt in renaissance style in 16th century. Upper castle was primary palace with chapel. In second half of the 15th century was rebuilt to four floored gothic palace. Renaissance rebuilding began before 1550 on the upper castle and continued through 17th century with building of a new gate and fortification system with bastions. The castle was demolished in 1707.


One of the entries to the castle was, out of main gate, cut into the rock. Up to the legend were subterranean tunnels leading from castle to the gothic church in Martincek and to the temple monastery on the mount Mnich. Many inaccessible caves with legends about treasures are localized nearby the castle.

Side entry in the castle

Side entrance down next to the castle


The oldest upper part of the castle

View from the main gate up on the castle

Tower behind the main gate

View from the upper castle to the village Martinček

View from the upper castle to the possible place of templar monastery on the hill mních