The village Martincek was first mentioned in the undated document of Ladislav IV. (1272-1299). The village belonged to the lordship of Likava until 1848.

The church is consecrate to awe of St. Martin the bishop. It’s located on little mound above village. The church is supposed to be built by Templars. The church was originally gothic from cca 1260, in 2nd half of 14th century was enlarged with a steeple and sacristy. In 18 th century the church was partially rebuilt in a baroque style. At the end of 19 th century parts were stylized and original frescos were preserved.

The church had stone fence. Around church is old cemetery. It claims that’s there were buried inhabitants of Likava castle. Among old graves are roofed holes for potatoes. According to legend is subterranean tunnel leading from church to the Likava castle and to the Templars monastery on the mount Mnich.