North view of hill Mnich

Templar monastery at Martincek nearby Ruzomberok was situated on the mount Mnich. According to legend here suddenly died Master of Templars Gottfried of Herberstein during his visit in 1230. After canceling of the Order of Templars, monastery was left alone and early than destroyed, just because of the wooden foundation. On the field nearby were fragments of mortar were found, which are still visible on borders of the fields. Previous road at the southern steep hillside is imperceptible. Mount Mnich is called according to Templars (Mnich = monk).

On the hillside, at the beginning of the road to monastery a rock formation called "Rock fist" is situated. Literature mentions it as a naturally processed rock. But by the nearer visual research, it is processed by same technique like the passage leading to Likava castle.

Rock fist

Cave plan

Second entry

On the eastern nose of the hill, just opposite to village Liskova, is in the great dolomite rocks Cave of Liskova. It contains 2 big entries and ramifications. The length of main gallery is about 200m, but with all galleries and curves it is about 2km. Some parts of the cave are accessible only with ropes or ladder. There is strong cold draught and temperature about 6°C. The cave is without decorations and domes, but it is remarkable from archeological view. Above first entry are three crosses (hard perceptible), engraved into the rock.