The castle hill was settled in prehistory age. The Stone castle was founded in 1267 on the basement of the older wooden fort with bailey. At the beginning was the ground floor built from stone and the rest of a building was made by wood.

The castle is situated on steep rock above river Orava. The oldest and highest situated part – citadel, stand in height 112m on the steep limestone rock above river Orava. In this oldest part was garrison of „Red“monks – The Templars.

The oldest upper part of a castle from 13th century was extended by new buildings and fortifications in the middle (1483-1543 by Ján from Dubovec) and lower part (1556-1611 by Thurzo Family). Castle was burned in 1800, but saved by repair at that time. At the end of 19th century Palffy family repaired and furnished Middle castle. Since 1953 great conservation and restoration program began in Orava castle. Museum of Orava was established.

Upper castle

Interior of the upper castle

View of today's castle

Reconstruction of possible view of from 13th century.